TOW week 7 What is Foursquare??? Tuesday, Mar 2 2010 

Foursquare seems just like a twitter. One can access this by the same devices as a twitter and it uses the same @ symbol. However, it is only available to ages 13 and up. It is only available for own personal use (non commercial). No one is allowed to post anything false or misleading, unlawful, abusive, threatening, etc. You can access third part sites at your own risk. companies are allowed to post anything on this site, as long as they know foursquare is not libel for anything the company said. These services are not the ones who post the information in your account, so it is not their responsibility for any action that could be taken in places because of it.


TOW week 6 Social Media: Friend or Foe Tuesday, Mar 2 2010 

In this council, blogging is not something you lightly do. Blogging is something one should do everyday. People want to know what is going on all the time. A company needs to blog for their customers. A  customer see’s a relationship with the company through their blogs. They trust the company because of the blog. It is a great way to tap into the customers and business in a way no one has ever done before. Blogging is timely and has to be accurate. Blogging is also an easy way to correct something that was not accurate on let’s say a column someone wrote. Comments can then be said about what went wrong and what is going to be done to make everything correct. 

Customer feedback is priceless! Blogging is free! This is also an easy way to build publicity and track the hits/viewers who are seeing these blogging sites. People are more likely to stick around with their company because  these blogging sites help them understand what is going on.

Blogging is not a “waste of time”. People are engaged in what’s happening. It is a dynamic way people are coming together and collaborate. This is becoming more mainstream.

TOW week 4 Monday, Mar 1 2010 

A few definitions that I agreed with were the ones that said how social media is the way the world is today. Newspapers are becoming more old-fashioned as time goes on. The computer is striving through the ages and it seems as the media and technology are advancing more and more each day. Social media is the way of the “new world”. This is becoming a unique way for businesses to advance. Technology has grown such a long way and it is really amazing to see this happen. Social media is what everyone talks about all the time. To become a friend on facebook is the number one wuestion people ask when they meet someone new. Componies tell their customers what is going on throughout the week, month, or year. If there is a sale happening or anything of that sort.

Instead of one person, everyone has a voice and a say in the matter of what is happening and what is going on.

TOW week 3 Is Media Ethical Monday, Mar 1 2010 

Social media is ethical in that if you want to find something in the media world, more than likely it will be in the media. More like “easy access” to anything and everythnig.However, more people get to know about what is going on in the world. One can click on a site and get information and access to a lot of useful information. That is great when you want the “know abouts”. There are search engines where one can find just about anything from the way people are posting. There is a commercial where someone spills red wine and everyone runs to the internet to find out what gets red wine out on a white table-cloth.

People blog about anything that is worthy or even non worthy about the world. With that said, it can also be seen as unethical because there is no privacy in the “social” world. EVERYTHING can be viewed by anyone and everyone. That may not always be the best thing. There is no privacy anymore. People are not worried about what they are saying. Everything is out in the open. That could be dangerous only because if it is anything false, someone is bound to get in trouble for it.

There is always two sides to everything and people have different opinions.

Relief Monday, Feb 1 2010 

CNN has done a great job through their social media efforts for Haiti

week3 Monday, Feb 1 2010 

Social media is in everyones life no matter what. whether they are listening, watching,talking, the media is surrounded by us. Throughout the disater that followed the Haiti earthquake, the media has been there the whole time. The media showed their support by asking for help from us. Without them, we wouldn’t know what to do or actually what is going on. The media has be wonderful through their efforts in the Haiti relief.

What in the world Monday, Feb 1 2010 

BLOGGING?? I have never blogges before so I don’t even know if i am doing this right!! Bare with me please

Week 2 Monday, Feb 1 2010 

I go on social networking sites i.e facebook, but that is about it. I am not a big social media junkie like some people. i don’t really like twitter, i think it is pointless to keep up with your “Status”. If someone wants you to know so badly what they are doing, then they should just call or text you and tell you. I don’t fee like I need to know what people are doing every second of the day. A for youtube and anything of that matter, i click on the site sometimes if i am bored. I wouldnt go there just for the heck of it. If there is something I missed on TV i will check it, but that is about it.

Hello world! Monday, Feb 1 2010 

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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