Open mic night with Taylor Swift, was a huge succes with college students. Not only does it offer them a great concert, but also it allows the students to communicate with a celebrity and find out how similar they really are to everyday people. Adding a celebrity to any community event is a great way for PR professionals to get more of a reaction from the people of their community. It raises a great deal of attention and promotions. Not only is the celebrity acquaited with great praise, but the recent grads can see how an event is planned. The more experience recent grads have is key to success. Also, having an open mic night allows the people to get to know one another, like “breaking the ice”. It is a fun way to get all sorts of peole engaged in different things they normally would not do.

A successful community has planned events throughout to get everyone affiliated with one another. The more people you know throughout will better yourself and eventually help you in the long run. Being connected with one another helps you and is beneficial. This open mic night was a great way to get everyone involved and it promotes people to do better