A simple video goes viral. The first video I chose was or is a commercial, but has not been aired because people think it is too risky to put larger women on TV. When in fact, smaller women are shown throughout the screen all the time. People all over the blogosphere are questioning networks asking why can’t larger woman be seen just as beautiful as smaller woman. Why does there have to be a difference. Being a woman who struggles with my image, I find this video has an impact on my life. I am not a large woman, but I never once thought of putting a large woman on a commercial. I never thought large women would be comfortable enough to show their bodies, when in fact by watching this video, they look as if they are more proud of the way they look that the smaller woman are. I find that extremely hard to believe.

For the second video, it is a simple local viral video of my boss, Jenn Hobby. Jenn is a personality on an Atlanta radio station morning show, “The Bert Show”, where my internship is taken place at. A wonderful morning show at that! Jenn is the entertainment DJ and announces all the juicy gossip hollywood has to offer. A simple video seen in a matter of minutes is so important to those who need to here all the “entertainment buzz” celebrities have going on in their lives. Jenn does a great job in her EBUZZ videos and they get a lot of hits from people around the country. Simple videos like these are what entices people to the internet. Someone misses something from one form of media, well they can watch it on a different form. It is the way media works!