The interview with Kneale Mann tells how he enjoys having two different relationships with a public sector and a private sector. He does social media policies and rules of engagements. Know when you have a blog about a company it is very public to everyone. He has been a newspaper columnist and wrote about a home section of a newspaper chain, something he never thought he would do. He also did twenty years of radio. Social media has been around for many years, where as some people believe it is just recent.  The whole industry is overlapped with social media, PR, communications, policies, and everything in between.

Twitter is a form of micro-blogging, which more companies need to figure out what their policy is. Gaining followers is key to Twitter. People need to understand it is easy to get a job, because everyone can self publish. The world is changing around is and it is exciting. The more writing one does, the more beneficial it is for them.

Kneale’s blog stems from his geek dinner. He question why would anyone want to read his blog? He basically says he is a “geek”. He comes from the broadcast industry, so why would anyone want to read what he said? It takes time for people, but it is actually not about the numbers who read his blog, it is about the focus. What is interesting to you? Not to others,  if they are interested in it, they will read it and follow you. Just write. You have to start somewhere, do not go straight for the victor. Everyone has to work your way up. Figure out what your passion is and write.