Martin Waxman does all sorts of social media. He is a very enthusiastic professor, teaching his ways of social media and how he communicates with the PR world. He shows his ways of how he integrates his ways of communication and the learning tactics. As technology is evolving, the known communication and form of media is still around, however it would be extremely useful for students to get involved in blog sites and media relations to help them understand and know social media. It would be very useful to follow some bloggers, if you do not blog yourself. So many people are in the blogosphere and have wonderful experience in this media. It would be very useful for student to have traditional and social media techniques.

Spelling is a key factor is your blog! Check your spelling, because it may hurt you in your future. The first step in social media is to listen to what people are saying. What are the major complaints in the company you are searching for? If there is a complaint next to the name, curiosity step in. Was there really a crisis? This is now a public entity and companies could be failing from the blogs out there. Organizations need to be looking and knowing what is being said about them. Is it good or bad, and what can be done to keep it good. Look at how many followers you have on your blog sites. Are people really interested and if not, what can be done to keep them interested in you and what you have to say.