Shapin up Wednesday, Apr 28 2010

 Do shape ups reaaalllly work?? Hmm…listen here to see for yourself!


TOW week 13 Wednesday, Apr 28 2010

A simple video goes viral. The first video I chose was or is a commercial, but has not been aired because people think it is too risky to put larger women on TV. When in fact, smaller women are shown throughout the screen all the time. People all over the blogosphere are questioning networks asking why can’t larger woman be seen just as beautiful as smaller woman. Why does there have to be a difference. Being a woman who struggles with my image, I find this video has an impact on my life. I am not a large woman, but I never once thought of putting a large woman on a commercial. I never thought large women would be comfortable enough to show their bodies, when in fact by watching this video, they look as if they are more proud of the way they look that the smaller woman are. I find that extremely hard to believe.

For the second video, it is a simple local viral video of my boss, Jenn Hobby. Jenn is a personality on an Atlanta radio station morning show, “The Bert Show”, where my internship is taken place at. A wonderful morning show at that! Jenn is the entertainment DJ and announces all the juicy gossip hollywood has to offer. A simple video seen in a matter of minutes is so important to those who need to here all the “entertainment buzz” celebrities have going on in their lives. Jenn does a great job in her EBUZZ videos and they get a lot of hits from people around the country. Simple videos like these are what entices people to the internet. Someone misses something from one form of media, well they can watch it on a different form. It is the way media works!

TOW week 12 Wednesday, Apr 28 2010 

The interview with Kneale Mann tells how he enjoys having two different relationships with a public sector and a private sector. He does social media policies and rules of engagements. Know when you have a blog about a company it is very public to everyone. He has been a newspaper columnist and wrote about a home section of a newspaper chain, something he never thought he would do. He also did twenty years of radio. Social media has been around for many years, where as some people believe it is just recent.  The whole industry is overlapped with social media, PR, communications, policies, and everything in between.

Twitter is a form of micro-blogging, which more companies need to figure out what their policy is. Gaining followers is key to Twitter. People need to understand it is easy to get a job, because everyone can self publish. The world is changing around is and it is exciting. The more writing one does, the more beneficial it is for them.

Kneale’s blog stems from his geek dinner. He question why would anyone want to read his blog? He basically says he is a “geek”. He comes from the broadcast industry, so why would anyone want to read what he said? It takes time for people, but it is actually not about the numbers who read his blog, it is about the focus. What is interesting to you? Not to others,  if they are interested in it, they will read it and follow you. Just write. You have to start somewhere, do not go straight for the victor. Everyone has to work your way up. Figure out what your passion is and write.

TOW Week 11 Wednesday, Apr 28 2010 

Martin Waxman does all sorts of social media. He is a very enthusiastic professor, teaching his ways of social media and how he communicates with the PR world. He shows his ways of how he integrates his ways of communication and the learning tactics. As technology is evolving, the known communication and form of media is still around, however it would be extremely useful for students to get involved in blog sites and media relations to help them understand and know social media. It would be very useful to follow some bloggers, if you do not blog yourself. So many people are in the blogosphere and have wonderful experience in this media. It would be very useful for student to have traditional and social media techniques.

Spelling is a key factor is your blog! Check your spelling, because it may hurt you in your future. The first step in social media is to listen to what people are saying. What are the major complaints in the company you are searching for? If there is a complaint next to the name, curiosity step in. Was there really a crisis? This is now a public entity and companies could be failing from the blogs out there. Organizations need to be looking and knowing what is being said about them. Is it good or bad, and what can be done to keep it good. Look at how many followers you have on your blog sites. Are people really interested and if not, what can be done to keep them interested in you and what you have to say.

TOW week 9&10 Wednesday, Apr 28 2010 

Open mic night with Taylor Swift, was a huge succes with college students. Not only does it offer them a great concert, but also it allows the students to communicate with a celebrity and find out how similar they really are to everyday people. Adding a celebrity to any community event is a great way for PR professionals to get more of a reaction from the people of their community. It raises a great deal of attention and promotions. Not only is the celebrity acquaited with great praise, but the recent grads can see how an event is planned. The more experience recent grads have is key to success. Also, having an open mic night allows the people to get to know one another, like “breaking the ice”. It is a fun way to get all sorts of peole engaged in different things they normally would not do.

A successful community has planned events throughout to get everyone affiliated with one another. The more people you know throughout will better yourself and eventually help you in the long run. Being connected with one another helps you and is beneficial. This open mic night was a great way to get everyone involved and it promotes people to do better