A podcast is an audio or video media files anyone can view on the internet. Podcasts have come so advanced in technology these day. Almost like a free tivo for people. One can watch their favorite TV shows the next day if they happened to miss it or catch up music they are interested in. Podcasts are the new digital TV for people. Anyone and everyone can make one too. Companies are also using podcasts for their advantage. They can deliver to their consumer something that can be viewed 24 hrs 7 days a week on any type of schedule. Podcasts are a convenient way to deliver content. Companies are also using podcasts to their internal employees. For instance, a busy mom with a sick child who is unable to attend a meeting that morning can be able to watch a podcast and get caught up on her work. It is advanced technology people are loving. It is an in expensive easy way to relay information. Companies can also use a podcast for busy traveling employees. They won’t miss anything. At first some companies were a little scared to try podcasting, but over the last year, podcasting has been picked up from a bunch of different businesses around the world because of its simplicity to use. PR majors can benefit from watching podcasts because they show how advertisers get the word out to consumers. Marketers can show a video on a new product to people by using a podcast. They watch this video and see how the new product is. It is a great way to market products and get the word out there to consumers. This way, consumers can see the product before they buy it.