Blogging is where people can write about anything  and everything they do, hear, say, see, basically everything that involves anything people write about. It is the new and upcoming attraction almost everyone is involved in. Groundswell is a trend that is exploding throughout the social media atmosphere. So far there is user generated sites, such as, Facebook, MySpace, and twitter. This is a process where people can get “the word” around to everyone easily. The groundswell went all the back to eBay and technology has improved so much since then. There are so many other sites that people can share about a movie they’ve seen or a book they’ve read. the groundswell comes from three different forces; people, technology, and economics. People have been advances though the groundswell because of social technologies.  Technologies has changed people’s interaction with one another. There is a ton more interaction between people all over the world now. Economics is also effected because all the internet traffic makes more money. Advertising online has ski rocketed. The groundswell is growing and improving each and every day. By tapping into the Groundswell companies can see how well their companies can thrive in this new phenomena. Although this does take knowledge and experience to get the groundswell going. PR marketers will understand and grasp the concept after a while. Participation is key. Without participating in the Groundswell, your company will never advance. Use a blogging site and monitor the various blogs about your company to see what consumers want and what they are saying about your company. people connect and build relationships through the blogosphere. RSS which stands for really simple syndication is a great tool that brings you updates. All you need is a receiver to get the RSS updates from your blog. The groundswell is something everyone should try.