Social media is ethical in that if you want to find something in the media world, more than likely it will be in the media. More like “easy access” to anything and everythnig.However, more people get to know about what is going on in the world. One can click on a site and get information and access to a lot of useful information. That is great when you want the “know abouts”. There are search engines where one can find just about anything from the way people are posting. There is a commercial where someone spills red wine and everyone runs to the internet to find out what gets red wine out on a white table-cloth.

People blog about anything that is worthy or even non worthy about the world. With that said, it can also be seen as unethical because there is no privacy in the “social” world. EVERYTHING can be viewed by anyone and everyone. That may not always be the best thing. There is no privacy anymore. People are not worried about what they are saying. Everything is out in the open. That could be dangerous only because if it is anything false, someone is bound to get in trouble for it.

There is always two sides to everything and people have different opinions.