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Wednesday, Mar 10 2010 


  • NAKED CONVERSATIONS How blogs are changing the way businesses talk with customers Authors: Robert Scoble/Shel Israel Presentation by: Lauren Wolf
    • Robert Scoble co- author of Naked Conversations
    • Best known for blogging
    • Most famous blog is Scobleizer
    • Currently works for rackspace where he is building a community for people about the internet.
  • Naked Conversations
    • Shel Israel is co- author of Naked Conversations.
    • Best known as a writer and speaker on social issues
    • Recently wrote a book called Twitterville about companies using Twitter
    • Was a host on an online video blog
  • Naked Conversations
    • Robert Scoble Shel Israel
  • Naked Conversations
    • Naked Conversations is showing how businesses talk to their constituencies on an equal plane.
    • Referred as: conversational marketing, open- source marketing, two way marketing, and even corner grocery marketing
    • “ Blogging unquestionably has had the most impact” Joshua Allen first Microsoft blogger
    • Blogs humanize companies. Lets the customer trust the person behind the desk.
    • Six key differences between blogging and communication channels.
    • Talk is Cheap!
    • Surprisingly enough there is a thorn to EVERY rose …including in BLOGGING
    • Fear of accidental disclosures when blogging in the corporate world.
    • If you are part of an organization of all around bad people, you should not blog.
    • The boring should not blog
    • No negative comments, NO ROI
    • Why aren’t more companies joining the “blogosphere?”
    • What will be next…?
    • This book has opened my mind into the world of blogging. Seeing how companies are thriving from simply speaking about their business is fascinating.
    • Naked Conversations has covered every aspect and was an amazing book to read and receive facts. Every one should read this book!
    • Presented by: Lauren Wolf
    • email:
  • TOW week 8 PODCAST Wednesday, Mar 3 2010 

    A podcast is an audio or video media files anyone can view on the internet. Podcasts have come so advanced in technology these day. Almost like a free tivo for people. One can watch their favorite TV shows the next day if they happened to miss it or catch up music they are interested in. Podcasts are the new digital TV for people. Anyone and everyone can make one too. Companies are also using podcasts for their advantage. They can deliver to their consumer something that can be viewed 24 hrs 7 days a week on any type of schedule. Podcasts are a convenient way to deliver content. Companies are also using podcasts to their internal employees. For instance, a busy mom with a sick child who is unable to attend a meeting that morning can be able to watch a podcast and get caught up on her work. It is advanced technology people are loving. It is an in expensive easy way to relay information. Companies can also use a podcast for busy traveling employees. They won’t miss anything. At first some companies were a little scared to try podcasting, but over the last year, podcasting has been picked up from a bunch of different businesses around the world because of its simplicity to use. PR majors can benefit from watching podcasts because they show how advertisers get the word out to consumers. Marketers can show a video on a new product to people by using a podcast. They watch this video and see how the new product is. It is a great way to market products and get the word out there to consumers. This way, consumers can see the product before they buy it.

    GROUNDSWELL CH.1-3 Wednesday, Mar 3 2010 

    Blogging is where people can write about anything  and everything they do, hear, say, see, basically everything that involves anything people write about. It is the new and upcoming attraction almost everyone is involved in. Groundswell is a trend that is exploding throughout the social media atmosphere. So far there is user generated sites, such as, Facebook, MySpace, and twitter. This is a process where people can get “the word” around to everyone easily. The groundswell went all the back to eBay and technology has improved so much since then. There are so many other sites that people can share about a movie they’ve seen or a book they’ve read. the groundswell comes from three different forces; people, technology, and economics. People have been advances though the groundswell because of social technologies.  Technologies has changed people’s interaction with one another. There is a ton more interaction between people all over the world now. Economics is also effected because all the internet traffic makes more money. Advertising online has ski rocketed. The groundswell is growing and improving each and every day. By tapping into the Groundswell companies can see how well their companies can thrive in this new phenomena. Although this does take knowledge and experience to get the groundswell going. PR marketers will understand and grasp the concept after a while. Participation is key. Without participating in the Groundswell, your company will never advance. Use a blogging site and monitor the various blogs about your company to see what consumers want and what they are saying about your company. people connect and build relationships through the blogosphere. RSS which stands for really simple syndication is a great tool that brings you updates. All you need is a receiver to get the RSS updates from your blog. The groundswell is something everyone should try.

    TOW week 5 Search Engine Tuesday, Mar 2 2010 

    Today there are two types of search engines people are using, the “paid” search and the “optimized” search. However, two new search engines are emerging in the PR world; known as reputational search and social search. Search engines are extremely popular and are growing more each and every day. A search engine such as google, is not democratic and will name any site you are looking for. Links are the main focus of search engines. PR professionals are using more reputaional search engines. This includes press releases, blogging sites, and any media relations. Reputational search sites are geared to more detailed search terms. It is also helpful to make a list of keywords to help in the navigation process.

    TOW week 7 What is Foursquare??? Tuesday, Mar 2 2010 

    Foursquare seems just like a twitter. One can access this by the same devices as a twitter and it uses the same @ symbol. However, it is only available to ages 13 and up. It is only available for own personal use (non commercial). No one is allowed to post anything false or misleading, unlawful, abusive, threatening, etc. You can access third part sites at your own risk. companies are allowed to post anything on this site, as long as they know foursquare is not libel for anything the company said. These services are not the ones who post the information in your account, so it is not their responsibility for any action that could be taken in places because of it.

    TOW week 6 Social Media: Friend or Foe Tuesday, Mar 2 2010 

    In this council, blogging is not something you lightly do. Blogging is something one should do everyday. People want to know what is going on all the time. A company needs to blog for their customers. A  customer see’s a relationship with the company through their blogs. They trust the company because of the blog. It is a great way to tap into the customers and business in a way no one has ever done before. Blogging is timely and has to be accurate. Blogging is also an easy way to correct something that was not accurate on let’s say a column someone wrote. Comments can then be said about what went wrong and what is going to be done to make everything correct. 

    Customer feedback is priceless! Blogging is free! This is also an easy way to build publicity and track the hits/viewers who are seeing these blogging sites. People are more likely to stick around with their company because  these blogging sites help them understand what is going on.

    Blogging is not a “waste of time”. People are engaged in what’s happening. It is a dynamic way people are coming together and collaborate. This is becoming more mainstream.

    TOW week 4 Monday, Mar 1 2010 

    A few definitions that I agreed with were the ones that said how social media is the way the world is today. Newspapers are becoming more old-fashioned as time goes on. The computer is striving through the ages and it seems as the media and technology are advancing more and more each day. Social media is the way of the “new world”. This is becoming a unique way for businesses to advance. Technology has grown such a long way and it is really amazing to see this happen. Social media is what everyone talks about all the time. To become a friend on facebook is the number one wuestion people ask when they meet someone new. Componies tell their customers what is going on throughout the week, month, or year. If there is a sale happening or anything of that sort.

    Instead of one person, everyone has a voice and a say in the matter of what is happening and what is going on.

    TOW week 3 Is Media Ethical Monday, Mar 1 2010 

    Social media is ethical in that if you want to find something in the media world, more than likely it will be in the media. More like “easy access” to anything and everythnig.However, more people get to know about what is going on in the world. One can click on a site and get information and access to a lot of useful information. That is great when you want the “know abouts”. There are search engines where one can find just about anything from the way people are posting. There is a commercial where someone spills red wine and everyone runs to the internet to find out what gets red wine out on a white table-cloth.

    People blog about anything that is worthy or even non worthy about the world. With that said, it can also be seen as unethical because there is no privacy in the “social” world. EVERYTHING can be viewed by anyone and everyone. That may not always be the best thing. There is no privacy anymore. People are not worried about what they are saying. Everything is out in the open. That could be dangerous only because if it is anything false, someone is bound to get in trouble for it.

    There is always two sides to everything and people have different opinions.