Relief Monday, Feb 1 2010 

CNN has done a great job through their social media efforts for Haiti


week3 Monday, Feb 1 2010 

Social media is in everyones life no matter what. whether they are listening, watching,talking, the media is surrounded by us. Throughout the disater that followed the Haiti earthquake, the media has been there the whole time. The media showed their support by asking for help from us. Without them, we wouldn’t know what to do or actually what is going on. The media has be wonderful through their efforts in the Haiti relief.

What in the world Monday, Feb 1 2010 

BLOGGING?? I have never blogges before so I don’t even know if i am doing this right!! Bare with me please

Week 2 Monday, Feb 1 2010 

I go on social networking sites i.e facebook, but that is about it. I am not a big social media junkie like some people. i don’t really like twitter, i think it is pointless to keep up with your “Status”. If someone wants you to know so badly what they are doing, then they should just call or text you and tell you. I don’t fee like I need to know what people are doing every second of the day. A for youtube and anything of that matter, i click on the site sometimes if i am bored. I wouldnt go there just for the heck of it. If there is something I missed on TV i will check it, but that is about it.

Hello world! Monday, Feb 1 2010 

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!